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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Spring cleaning

I realized yesterday that I needed to do a spring cleaning. Its a little different that the normal as I mean the store computer:)
As in the last week I realized that it was running very slow, so this morning I stated the task of going through much fun as I ended up having to check the files as the labels didn't really remind me of what they were;)
I came across this letter I wrote a year after my mother pasted.

Thank you mom

This summer has been a journey, more lessons in patients and to look within me.

When I would say is their something wrong with me?

Your reply was maybe it's not you....but them.

And to give them time.

I understand now that being a woman, friend and mother means listening, understanding, patient and strength.

You were that when I was growing up and even towards the end, you were right mom.

As giving birth, gives life. Being a mother comes from looking within and finding inner strength and peace. So now I will follow your role.

And when the time calls I will be mother to all.

Looking within, I will go through this journey of life with strength, because that is what you have always been and will be.

It is now almost 2 years since mom has passed and I still feel the love and strength from her.
I know the last while my posts have been a tad sad, but this is the softer side of BBB.
When I have a lovely chat(today) with an expectant mom and she talks of this deep love and when I say I understand its because I seen it through my mothers eyes.

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