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Friday, January 22, 2010

Moments when you can only breath

It's Friday afternoon and I just managed to read the whig. Randy had called this morning to ask me to pick it up.
I have had to erase more than I have written....I thought today would be better as Wed I so wanted to post to release these emotions. Wed at 5:30 I picked up the phone to hear Randy voice, I knew it was not good news. But the news gombsmaked me...............Aunt Janet had passed on. I was in shock and still think I may be! As we knew this day would come as she was fighting cancer, we had just seen her. I remember saying to Randy that she did not look to bad. Why! Why do we have to lose someone to cancer of all the medical wonders why are people still dying? Why will our children need to hear stories and look at pictures to know them.
I will miss Aunt Janet greatly. The first time I met her was Easter 05 as Randy and I were just dating and his Aunt Helen had asked us over for Easter diner. I entered a warm and caring home filled with now family. Aunt Janet was sitting in one of the big chairs, I had bought a gift and silly me had thought Aunt Janet was Aunt Helen so I gave her the gift. Thats how warm and beautiful she was.
The pictures above are Aunt Janet at Aunt Helen's birthday. Even being ill she had a sense of humor which I will miss.
So tonight the store will be closed earlier than normal so that we can get ready for this evening, as the family/friends gather to remember her. Sat we will also be closed, we are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.
So tonight when you are close to your loved ones give them a hug and feel blessed!

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