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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Being a mom!

I just had a chat with a woman and we were talking about this and that and then the topic of adoption came up. This is a close topic(adoption) as Mr.Bump and I are adopting the journey has been long but we know when all is said and done the wait will have been worth it.
The woman had mentioned a quote and as soon as she started I knew the one, as my mom would say it to me. Oh yes I am adopted, I can say it takes a special person to adopted as it is not for everyone and thats okay!
The quote - " you did not grow under my heart but in it" Please let me know if I have it wrong :)
I see every day families and the interesting thing is no two are the same but they all are made with/from love, so what better way to create a family is through love.
Yes, I thought I was done with this blog for today. I went on a search for the quote, I did not find it but I did find this from - chicken soup for the adoption soul
And yes you will need tissue's

I could Not Conceive

They told me I could not conceive, and tests showed
they were right;
They considered but the physical, forgetting our
Father’s might.
True, my child, I did not conceive you within the limits
of my womb;
But still you grew within my heart- a heart with
boundless room.

They told me I could not conceive, and in one way they
were right;
Now I know they are the barren ones, comprehension
out of sight.
For they cannot conceive, my son, of how it feels to see
The face of a child, not of my flesh, but of my destiny.

They cannot conceive, my child, of what it means to
Another woman, another man, who prayed to God
And then decided to love enough, to give to me their son

To love, and raise, and call my own, until my life is
They cannot conceive, dear one, of bonds beyond the
Of if you have your daddy’s nose or if you have my
They cannot conceive, my child, of all the Lord still has
in store
For this family he created, not flesh and bone, but

They told me I could not conceive, and in part their
words were true...
For I cannot conceive, dear son, of never loving you.
~ Valerie Kay Gwin

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