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Saturday, January 16, 2010

~ Missing her ~

I find it interesting how one conversation, one moment can remind you, remind you of the one persons that you long for.
The last few weeks I have missed my mother tremendously, she passed away 2 years in April with cancer.
The picture to the right is her and I. And to the far right is me, the broach on my hat is my moms and the neckless is my grandmothers(moms).
The last few days I have been listening to Hallelujah(shrek song) for some reason it gives me comfort. Maybe the reason for all these feelings is for the fact Jan was the month we had the news from the doctors, who knows! I just know I would love to have her back. Now I know that will never happen, but we all know that the thought of them being here can over whelm your emotions.
I have no regrets and that not why I miss her, its to the fact that so many happy things have/will take place and she has been missed.
Mom was still with us when I started planning for the store and when I had ideas and thoughts I would share them with her. Just like when I asked her what was the #1 thing she liked for babies? Her reply was night gowns and to this day I have grandmothers coming in saying the same.
Oh god do I miss her today..................................! I better go, tears are coming...............and I am in the store...............

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